General Services

Services listed on this page fall into two areas. Firstly standalone specialist services that do not fit into our other service groups, or wide ranging services that can be included in deliveries in all areas.


Customised training to cover either specific product areas, or general operational training. Can be delivered at many levels, from ad-hoc ‘Question and Answer’ sessions to full blown training courses with all supporting materials. Would not normally replace standard product training courses, but instead is used to bridge the gaps between the standard course and the operational reality.

ISDN Analysis

With increasingly complex telephony environments the incidence of subtle, but challenging, issues that occur when trying to get systems to interwork has increased.

DJN Solutions has the equipment, and more importantly the experience, to look at the low level communications between systems to ascertain where problems are occurring and suggest solutions.

This could be where separate PABX or ACD systems are being used together as a result of company mergers, or where an outbound dialling solution is producing the wrong results from it’s call detection technology.

Risk Assessment

Usually forms part of another service, e.g. Solution Design, Project Management etc. Gives independent assessment of project risks.