Outbound Dialling Services

DJN Solutions has 20 years experience with predictive diallers and other forms of automated outbound calling. We have been closely involved with the development of the dialling regulations, including being part of the group that defined the first guidelines for the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA). These guidelines were later used by Ofcom as the basis for their policies.

We currently act as an advisor to the DMA’s Contact Centre Council and remain in close contact with Ofcom regarding the regulations.

For help calculating your predictive dialler abandonment rate see this document, co-authored by Dave Nicholls of DJN Solutions, on the DMA webite:

Calculating Abandoned Calls in the light of the Ofcom Statement

Ofcom Compliance Assessments

With potential fines for non-compliance now at £2m all companies must fully understand their responsibilities when using predictive diallers and have all the necessary processes in place to not only be compliant, but also to be able to show their compliance if requested by Ofcom.

Ofcom have stated that they believe companies should consider the use of independent consultants to assess their compliance. DJN Solutions is ideally placed to fulfil this need.

We can help companies check their compliance and, if necessary, help build documented procedures to ensure that the regulations are followed.

Best Practice Advice

Remaining compliant is just one aspect of outbound dialler use. It is also necessary to ensure that the best return is obtained from the investment in equipment and people.

DJN Solutions can provide consultancy to ensure everything works at peak effectiveness.

Call Profiling

Increasing regulation and consumer resistance mean it is imperative that the calls you make are aimed at the right people at the right time..

In the past it was possible to simply dial more people at high frequency to achieve business goals. Consumers now have access to more information about who is calling them via CLI and often have equipment that lets them know how often they have been called, which means that the scattergun approach is usually just a route to increased complaints.

DJN Solutions can help you analyse your calling results to draw out the patterns that allow you to call more effectively by placing calls to those most likely to be interested in your propositions at the times that they are most likely to be available to speak.

False Positive Testing

When using Answer Machine Detection (AMD) it is possible for “False Positives” to occur where the system detects a human voice as an answering machine and subsequently hangs up the call.

Current UK regulations state that companies using AMD must include a “reasoned estimate” of False Positives in their abandonment calculations.

Ofcom have stated that they do not consider manufacturer’s estimates to be sufficient for this purpose and require that companies carry out their own testing. Testing can take many forms, but Ofcom’s preferred option is “Trunk Side Sampling” where calls are recorded, listened to, and the results compared to the dialler’s statistics.

DJN Solutions believe that this form of testing is the only one that provides a robust result. We perform testing using our own recording equipment and provide a full report detailing the results.