Project Services

Our experience covers all stages of complex software solution delivery, from low level coding of product and custom software, through solution design and development of Return on Investment plans, on to implementation and project management, concluding with ongoing support for delivered solutions. This gives us a unique insight into the factors that can turn a project into a triumph or a disaster.

Project Management

We can manage projects of all types, and have specialised knowledge of Contact Centre solutions. We can act as the prime Project Manager, or work alongside others to provide input regarding supportability.

Proposal Support

We can help you write your Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. Once responses are received we can work with you to effectively evaluate them to ensure that you choose the product or service that best meets your requirements.

Solutions Design

Working with your own teams to develop requirements. Including provision of technical and business input to ensure that the resulting solution meets the needs of the business and can be successfully implemented and maintained.

Technical Quality Assurance

We can perform reviews of project documentation to highlight any potential areas of concern. This may involve specific product knowledge, but can equally involve generic knowledge of solution types where it is important to recognise the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘proprietary’ functionality across diverse product sets.

Documentation Review

General reviews of business and technical documentation. An independent set of eyes can often see gaps or highlight areas which may need further review.