Supportability Services

DJN Solutions specialise in delivering services which help customers ensure that their software solutions deliver the functionality required, meet the needs of the business and, most importantly, remain supportable for the lifetime of the solution.

Our experience shows that many projects do not deliver the long term benefits that they should. Most of the time this is due to supportability concerns not being properly covered during the implementation of the solution. This means that, while the solution may pass user acceptance testing, it will fail in live use. Failure at this late stage is much more costly to deal with and the ability to continue doing business is seriously impacted. Moreover these failures are often very visible to customers and competitors.

Our services are designed to mitigate the stresses and conflicts which cause supportability to be pushed aside in favour of other, more short term, concerns.

Whether you are considering implementing a new software solution, have a project already in progress, or are living with the pain of an unsupportable solution we can help.

Supportability Assessment

Reviewing development projects, or existing solutions, to ensure that everything is in place to allow long term support of the solution. Support in this case can be external. i.e. Are all the necessary items in place to allow the suppliers to correctly support the products they have supplied, or internal, i.e. Are the correct knowledge and skills available in the operational and support teams to ensure that issues are correctly logged with the relevant supplier to minimise disruption to the business.

Solution Recovery

If you have an existing solution which is failing to meet your needs we will carry out a Supportability Assessment and then work with you to devise a plan which recovers the situation and gives you the most cost effective route to a robust solution.